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Nicky   Tsierkezou



to the Enchanting & Intuitive  Colourful World of Nicky Tsierkezou. 

My art is full of love, imagination and pure healing energies and I share it with you from my soul . I have been creating one way or another since I was young, using all sorts of media. I have been lucky to be able to connect with the universal realms, creating from the Faye World, Angelic Kingdom, Animal Spirits, Ancestors, Nature Energies and so much more. Intuitive creating for me is that I have a blank piece of paper in front of me I do not know what I will create. From the start to the finish there is so much energy being created through the vibration of love, colours the image forms , Magic just happens...

I created Dizziness Designs over 20 years ago, with a little help from The Prince’s Trust. The soul intention is to bring alive the pieces and handmade Light products. The Enchantment began, it’s been over 18 years since I drew my first set of wings! and I have not looked back! I have been blessed on my journey , illustrating for books, commission pieces, unique Gifts, Soul Art -connecting to Spirit Guides.

Being creative is an amazing gift and expressing it brings freedom and healing energies to all of us,letting us glimpse at unlimited possibilities.

Enjoy browsing and collecting my Soul Light Creations ,each piece bringing  a little smile and Magic dust wherever it goes !


Nicky xx

Remember anything is possible,

dare to dream’ Nicky Tsierkezou


Copyright of Dizziness Designs

Copyright of Dizziness Designs

Creating & Connecting from the soul